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Our Mission
IMT was founded on the principle that a stainless steel Gaslines & Weldment Manufacturing and assembly company can provide our customers with Total Quality Service. Our 3 locations in USA & Singapore can offer our customers a full service, total manufacturing solutions from prototyping to mass production. Our dedicated and experienced personnel are here to provide our customers with unmatched excellence in workmanship, and scrupulous attention to detail

Quality Policy
The Quality goal of IMT is to achieve total Customer Satisfaction through competitive prices, on time delivery, and superior quality. We strive to attain these goals by ensuring processes are documented and by establishing tools which enable us to constantly review and improve our processes.

Facilities and Capabilities
IMT handles jobs of all sizes. Our combined facilities in Singapore, Milpitas, CA & Pflugerville, TX, yield more than 20,000 sq-ft of manufacturing space & 8,000 sq-ft of cleanrooom space. We provide service and support to manufacturers and suppliers of the High Vacuum, Semi-Conductor, Bio-Medical, Food Processing and other industries.

Custom TIG Fabrication
-Manual and Semi-Automatic TIG
-Automatic Orbital in a Class 10/100/1000
-Vacuum Leak Detection to 2 x 10^-11 He

Machine Shop
-CNC/Manual Milling
-Ball Pulling and T-Drill Pulltrusion
-Vacuum Products, Chambers and Manifolds

Tube Bending
-Manual and Semi-Automatic Equipment
-Tube Diameters from 1/16" to 3/4"

Cleanroom Assembly
-Customer-Supplied Component Assemblies
-Valve Assemblies

Process Control
-Inventory Control
-Statistical Process Control
-Internal Customer

Tube Bending/Pulling
For many vacuum and high tech plumbing applications, significant cost reduction is possible by the implementation of bent and formed tubing as opposed to a compilation of catalog items which are flanged together.   The use of continuous tubing, where appropriate, also results in increased reliability and reduced down time.  IMT has CNC tube bending capabilities to 3" diameter.  Let our tube bending and design departments assist you in reducing costs and improving your end products.

IMT provides unique tube bending capabilities. Operating CNC tube benders in both California and Texas, IMT can provide bend tubes in most any configuration from 1/16" diameter to 3" diameter. Materials capabilities include stainless steel, aluminum, hastelloy, titanium and nickel. The use of CNC equipment allows IMT to repeat parts time after time while maintaining tolerances of +/- .010" and +/- 0.5 degrees.

Elimination of tees in any plumbing application, whether gas, vacuum, or liquid can significantly reduce costs and improve reliability.  In a conventional manifold application with six outlets, tube pulling technology can reduce the number of weld/braze joints to 6 from 16 using conventional methods.  IMT operates proprietary tube pulling equipment providing pulls from 3/8" to 10" diameter in material up to 10" in diameter.  This equipment results in superior pulls at substantially reduced cost. Let IMT save you money and improve your product.

Class 10 & 100 Cleanrooms
All gas lines used in gas boxes, gas panels , and gas delivery systems which are required to be manufactured to an "ultra clean" specification are fabricated completely in a Class 100 cleanroom environment.  From initial tube preparation through welding, inspection, and leak testing, all operations are within the "ultra clean" atmosphere.  Once accepted by the quality department, the finished assembly is backfilled with dry nitrogen, sealed air tight, and packaged in a heat sealed bag filled with dry nitrogen.  The package is then moved to a Class 1000 environment where it is sealed in a second package.

IMT utilizes several types of joining processes in the production of our products:

Ultra Clean Welding ; Welding is completed in state of the art Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanrooms using orbital welders and a reducing gas atmosphere to produce oxide free welds for semiconductor, high vacuum and aerospace applications.  Another joining method is Conventional (TIG) Welding of aluminum, titanium, nickel, molybdenum, chrome-molybdenum, brass, stainless & carbon steels, and hastelloy.  Orbital Welding , in clean controlled environments, is employed for the joining of tube and pipe up to 12" in diameter for high vacuum, liquid and gas applications.  The Welding of copper to copper for electrical and thermal applications is used where a dissimilar material cannot be tolerated.  Vacuum brazing and torch brazing are substituted for certain aerospace and other high technology applications.  If required, IMT weldments can be certified to AMSE Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes.  All welds are Helium leak checked prior to shipment. 

Gas Panel Fabrication
Once a design has been approved for fabrication, the individual gas lines and spool pieces are built in a Class 1000 Cleanroom to IMT specifications. These pieces are then moved to a Class 10,000 Cleanroom, where the final assembly of the panel/box takes place. Final testing and QA certification also takes place in this cleanroom.

Once accepted, the panel is double bagged and moved into a Clean Shipping area. Here the assembly is sealed in a barrier wrap from which most of the air has been removed. This is then placed in a shock mounted shipping container for transportation to the customer anywhere in the world. Panels and boxes up to 120" long by 60" high by 24" deep can be constructed in IMT facilities.



Quality Policy Statement

All products and services provided by IMT shall meet or exceed our customer specifications and expectations. Our leadership and empowered employees work together to implement best practices in all of our activities to achieve continual satisfaction.

Members of

AWS (American Welding society)
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
ARMA (Austin Regional Manufacturers Association
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